m i c h a e l  w e r n e b u r g




        studies, philosophy and art history in Marburg.

        assistant to the photographer Rainer Laufenburg.

        abroad and photography trips through Spain and Morocco.

        self: painting, graphics and anatomy.

        from 1996, a freelance visual artist.

        shows in düsseldorf, cologne und amsterdam.

        since 1999, active involvement with electronic music.

        since 2002, producer and composer for various audio cd projects.

        2004 release of the solo debut album "vanishing point" under the project name unowis.

        2006 scoring the video "city angel" by the norwegian artist bjørg taranger.

        2007 exhibition "laughing about painting " in the gallery mach art.

        2008 composition of the new classical piano cycle "the bliss of solitude".

        2009 exhibition of video work "13 nocturnes" in the "glashaus", düsseldorf.